We must end ‘looting fiefdoms’ at SAA‚ says Scopa chair

SAA board chair JB Magwaza called the two subsidiaries “problem areas”‚ while board member Ahmed Bassa charged that SAA Technical and Mango were running parallel from the SAA group.

Scopa member and EFF MP Veronica Mente said this situation should not be allowed‚ charging that SAA was losing R5-billion as a result of challenges brought about by unaccountable SAA Technical.

MP Saki Kekana added that SAA Technical had become “untouchable and a standalone”‚ so much so that SAA group chief executive Vuyani Jarana said it “cannot intervene and nobody is doing anything to end this”.

Godi‚ in agreement with Scopa members and Magwaza‚ said the Achilles’ heel was a company structure that allowed SAA Technical and Mango to have separate boards and chief executives‚ who refuse to account to Jarana.

Godi said: “The problem that creates these little fiefdoms‚ where people are able to loot like there is no tomorrow‚ is the structure of the relationship between SAA group and its subsidiaries‚ which creates an ‘us’ and ‘them’ situation.

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