Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Performance, Design and Features

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Performance, Design and Features

If there is one brand that we all have to admit have been doing well in the car manufacturing industry is Toyota. For over 15 years, the company has been committed to provided quality cars to the users. Most of the Toyota cars you see around have well-advanced features that enhance your safety and comfort while driving. Currently, it has ventured into the manufacture of high-tech cars. Based on the price and the quality of their Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE model, many users have now turned to this car. If you are determined to buy the best high-tech car, then considering reading this best high tech car review.

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE

This car is one of the best brands from Toyota that gives the consume enough storage space and c0omfort during the traveling time. It takes into consideration the fuel economy and you will never regret spending on such kind of a car. It’s rated at 52 miles per gallon which and is designed with Entune infotainment system to allow the user to control the car easily. It contains all the tech features that make life simpler.

Performance of  Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE

The good reason why this car is the best option for anyone out there is it has four drive modes that help to improve speed and efficiency. With the sport mode, this car can accelerate at greater speed thus making you reach your destination in time. The eco mode is so much better if you need to conserve your fuel. But in this model, you will realize that the car is fixed with Auto-Glide Control that improves the efficiency of your fuel whenever your car is freewheeling. The other modes include EV and normal.

There is no day you will ever encounter problems when climbing hills or when overtaking other cars. This is best the car has 208hoursepower that enhance the performance of both electric motor and gasoline engine. The only problem is that the CVT may make a loud noise when you are accelerating heavily. its size and weight are blended which help to minimize chances of the car rolling over when making sharp bends.


This car is designed in such a way that it provides a nice finish interior. It has 18 inches silver alloy wheels that provide smooth drive along the rough and smooth roads. It also has daytime running lights, lead headlights, LED-tail lights, metallic front grille with a wide Toyota budge, rear seat climate -control vents with a backup camera. It incorporates strong material that makes it durable and strong. It’s capable of carrying 5 adults and still leaves a wide space that can be used for carrying loads. It also has a rear headrest that can be adjusted for comfort.

Key Features

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE 2018 Features

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE blends technology features to improve its performance. This model uses Entune-3.0 infotainment system which provides 8inces screen for controlling the car. It incorporates Automotive Grade Linux OS that proves easy and user-friendly interface.  This car is known for its Intelligent Clearance Sonar driver to assist that rely on 8 sensors to prove useful information to the drivers. ICS gives sound warning whenever an object is close to the car. This help to prevent you from causing accidents on the road. but in case you can’t take immediate action, ICS will overtake you and apply emergency brakes.

The others feature to look for in these cars includes automatic climate control, electronic parking brakes and heated front seats. The 3 USB ports give you an option to charge your phones whenever you are running out of power. The car is designed with a 2.5lietrs 4-cylinder engine together with an electric motor that is used to power the car. You can also use the ports to listen to the music from your phone or flash disc. If you are willing to spend some extra money, then you can also get it with a JBL audio system that will keep you entertained as you drive along the way.

What does it cost?

It’s not common to find manufacturers like Toyota selling their products cheaply but Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE price is an exemption. Not many of the brand in the market take care of the needs of customers as they produce high-quality products. When calculating all the expenses, this car cost about $37,245.

Pros and Cons


  • It offers remarkable fuel economy
  • It has enough interior space
  • Provide enough room for cargo storage
  • Build with many safety features
  • Provides a smooth ride
  • It has a decent display interface for easy control


  • Its CVT feel boring as it does not provide enough power to start the car
  • It doesn’t have some tech features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • It lacks lower anchors for added stability and features

Customer Review

According to the best high-tech car reviews, this car has attracted the attention of many buyers and there are no negative reviews about it. This implies that its design and performance are worth for its cost. It’s among the top 5 high tech cars in the market.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter what your priorities are, because Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE has all the features you would expect from any high-tech car out there. When you combine this with its warranty package, you will never regret purchasing this car.

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