The Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Story, Her Method and Secret Aid Revealed

The Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Story, Her Method and Secret Aid Revealed

Many persons struggle with their weight. The cravings, oversized portions, poor diet and genetics, make weight loss an uphill climb. Those who are successful then become of interest to others, as they also hope to reap the same benefits. There is however no guarantee that one person’s secret will give another person the same results. Knowledge is power however, and we can learn from each other. One weight loss story that has been in the news capturing the attention of many is the Rebel Wilson weight loss story. The same Rebel Wison in Bridesmaids, Pitch perfect and Night at the Museumknown for her plus size figure and sense of humour. Rebel Wilson has always embraced her weight and figure, and even attributes that to forming part of her unique personality. Her rapid weight loss in recent times has however attracted a lot of attention, with many of her fans enquiring about the secrets to her success. 

REBEL’s weight history and condition 

Before she started her weight loss journey in 2016, Rebel was weighing 233 pounds. Rebel admits to eating as a means of comforting herself and also shared that she has a hormonal imbalance. Both conditions contributed to her gaining and retaining weight and would pose problems for any weight loss plans. This is because a hormonal imbalance results in a slower metabolism. These conditions would require a special weight loss regime that tackles both conditions. 

REBEL’S weight loss Remedy 

Rebel Wilson weight loss story began 2016 when she went on a retreat which resulted in her losing 8 pounds. The retreat was geared to a healthy lifestyle and saw her participating in hiking, exercising and eating a healthy vegetarian based, organic diet. After leaving the retreat, she continued this healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy. Her efforts resulted in her losing up to 35 pounds, and she has managed to keep the weight off for the past two years. Her main advice to others is to eat healthy (include fiber and healthy fats in the diet), exercise and remain positive. 

Speculations and reassurances 

Many speculate that Rebel had to have done more than dieting and exercise, however, the power of a healthy balanced diet and exercise should never be understated. A diet high in fiber and one with essential fatty acids can never be over emphasized. A diet containing oatmeal, beans and green vegetables such as broccoli will help to meet an individual’s fiber requirement. Rebel also incorporates healthy fats from sources such as nuts and seeds, egg, beef and fish. Additionally, exercise and physical activity is also a crucial part of any weight loss regime. For a successful long-term exercise regime, Rebel encourages others to be careful in their choice of exercise, use a mixture of different kinds, stick to the chosen plan and never give up. Both exercise and diet must be chosen with caution depending on the individual’s age, gender, lifestyle and health
condition. It is also especially important to maintain a positive attitude. 

The use of supplements in Rebel Wilson weight loss 

Rebel Wilson weight loss story too another turn when she made it known recently that she had used Garcinia Cambogia in her weight loss efforts. It is clinically proven to assist many persons in losing weight. The tablet is a natural supplement that acts as a fat burner that also minimize the production of fat in the body. Rebel is said to have used the supplement in conjunction with an exercise regime and eating a healthy diet. She is said to have admitted that the use of the supplement aided in her remarkable weight loss story. Considering that she had two underlying conditions that made it difficult to lose weight, her use of this supplement might be justified. The supplement would have especially helped to offset some of the symptoms of suffering from a hormone imbalance. Many weight watchers have used the tablet as well and have talked of the positive results to be gained from its use. 

Will this weight loss regime work for others? 

Exercise and diet are components of any weight loss plan, however, depending on their weight and medical history, some individuals need to use some form of pharmaceutical aid. In Rebel’s case she used Garcina Cambogia but if this does not work there are other alternatives available. One such alternative is Phentermine. 

Phentermine is a drug believed to reduce weight by causing a suppression of appetite. A suppressed appetite causes a reduction in cravings and desired eating portions. The drug is said to boost metabolism, support bone health and improve moods. Many users of the drug state that phentermine results in weight loss. There are many phentermine reviews which are positive and points to the effectiveness of the drug in reducing weight. Supplements can be a part of a successful weight loss regime as in the case of Rebel Wilson weight loss, however it is always best to consult a health care provider for advice.