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Real Estate agents have taken their business on the web! Web marketing has become tremendously popular in the last 2 years. About 90 percent of marketing on the web is free. Websites are the first tool when it comes to marketing. Before, brokers use to have the main website and they use to list real estate agents with their pictures and contact email on the main site. Now, you will see below a real estate agents email, there is a website url. Real estate agents are licensed by their brokers,but they are independent. A broker gives a real estate agent the activation of their license and a great name behind. The agent has to do the other job and the other job is finding the clients to make the sales. The more home sales, the more the American Economy Grows. Real estate agents have brought their business on the web and it is becoming a great base for them and turning out to a faster success than before.

Older Real Estate Agent Marketing Methods

1- Door Knocking. Door knocking use to be very popular in the 90’s and in the mid 2000’s.

2-Banner. Real Estate Agents use to spend money to print out a large banner and spread it around in public locations or place it somewhere visible in their car and have a nice long drive around the city.

3-Renting Locations. Another practice that is still done today is renting locations. Some agents rent out locations, throw parties, and spread around their business cards. This is a great way of getting to know people and luring them in with a nice event!

New Real Estate Marketing on the Web

1-Website. Website is one of the most important tools of marketing. A website will showcase what an agent does and best of all, the IDX can be integrated onto a website. The idx allows any individual to go to an agents website and take a look at the newest listings by doing a custom search. The IDX is also very light weight. This means that it has very little trouble with search engines and still promotes a healthy website. Every real estate agent should have the IDX integrated onto their website. This new technology has become popular and there are more people browsing homes on the web,before actually meeting with the agent.

There is a great quote on the web that really describes a site.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” ― Paul Cookson

Now, what does that mean? Well, a well run website that has high visibility ranks on the web is automatically doing the job on its own and marketing an agent virtually. No employee will do that, as follows. This is another reason why websites are so hand.

2-Social Media. Social media accounts are very popular and are free ways to market on the web. Social media connects us with different people locally and around the world. Agents that use social media accounts very often will most likely get better SEO ranks and will seem more ‘live’ on the web. It is important for agents to hook up their email and social accounts to their mobile phones. This will allow the average agent to respond back fast to any new incoming messages or live tweets!

3-Blogging. Blogging has become very popular this year. Writing informative content out the web, will get searched by someone who is in need of that content and an agent may get a quick sale or two.

The new ways of marketing have become easier,faster, and more efficient. An agent has many outlets on the web. They can reach many individuals at once and have great tools to showcase homes and themselves. The real estate market has boomed because of the internet. More homes can be viewed in the comfort of a house and there is no pressure. Every real estate agent who hasn’t converted already should get a website!

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