Lady Boss Lean Reviews

Lady Boss Lean Reviews

Millions of people across the world are obese due to unhealthy eating. Obesity causes cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure among others. These diseases are difficult to manage and they kill a lot of people each year.
Nowadays, there are various products which are effective in weight loss. One of them is Lady Boss Lean. The manufacturers claim that they have cracked the code on 54 weight loss ingredients. But does Lady Boss Lean have all the 54 weight loss ingredients? This article will give you a deep insight into the details of the product.

What is Lady Boss Lean?

Lady Boss Lean is a weight loss nutritional product that helps women shade excess fat and become physically fit. It is manufactured by Lady Boss Labs which makes various nutritional supplements. Unlike most shakes, this one is more effective and it has a great taste. Lady Boss Lean is part of the “transformation system” which consists of 2 supplements, 2 workout drinks, and a meal replacement shake. It is recommended to use all the products to get better results. The products should be used in the following way:

Step 1: use Lady Boss Burn after waking up to energize.
Step 2: take Lady Boss Learn as your breakfast.
Step 3: take Lady Boss Fuel before workout.
Step 4: take Lady Boss Recover during workout to hydrate.
Step 5: take Lady Boss Rest after workout to revitalize.

Ingredients of Lady Boss Lean

Whey Protein

Research indicates that protein boosts your energy and rate of metabolism. This keeps you satisfied for a long period of time and you won’t take snacks between meals. This product contains whey concentrate blend and grass-fed whey isolate which have low calories. Whey contains various essential amino acids that are effective in weight loss and building muscles.
Whey protein is non-GMO and it doesn’t contain rBGH hormone. This means that the product is clean and healthy. Studies indicate that plant-based proteins rarely cause digestive problems and they can help you slim down and tone up quickly. Furthermore, the product is perfect for vegetarians and vegans since it doesn’t contain any animal-based protein.


The product contains Fibersol-2 which is a patented corn fiber blend. The fiber is water-soluble and gives the shake a creamy texture. This important ingredient is resistant to digestion and slows the rate at which food moves through your digestive tract. This means you remain full and satisfied for a long time. Fibers also eliminate toxins from your body thus keeping you healthy.


This ingredient comprises of various digestive enzymes. The enzymes are not revealed because they are proprietary. The manufacturer claims that the enzymes are responsible for breaking down fats, proteins, dairy, and carbohydrates. This eliminates fatty cells around your tummy, back and other parts of your body.

Benefits of Using Lady Boss Lean

  1. This product gives you more proteins.
  2. You remain full for a long period of time after taking the shakes and this minimizes sweet cravings.
  3. The fiber and proteins it contains promote digestive health.
  4. The product is claimed to boost your immune system.
  5. The shakes can help you save money since they are cheap. You can replace your breakfast with this product since it is equally nutritious and healthy.

Possible Side Effects of Using Lady Boss Lean

This product doesn’t have any known side effects. However, some ingredients used in the product might cause some side effects. DigeSEB and fiber are known to cause some side effects such as Feeling of fullness, Constipation, Gas, Bloating and Loose bowel movements.

On the other hand, high doses of whey proteins might cause bloating, thirst, more active bowel and fatigue. You might not encounter any problems if you take the right doses of the shakes.

Lady Boss Lean

How Much Does Lady Boss Lean Cost?

The official Boss Lean site doesn’t list any individual prices. However, the site indicates that you might spend $6.50 per day if you go for all five supplements. Other pricing from BBB include:

  1. Lady boss lean bottle might cost $95 or $47.50.
  2. The Transformation System costs $237.
  3. Transformation system with autoship enrollment at $197.
  4. A cancellation fee of $1000.
  5. 1 year weight-loss program at $4997

Customer Review of Lady Boss Lean

I bought this product a week ago and I like its taste. It is better than fructose and artificial flavors that I have been using. I highly recommend this product.

This product mixes well with water and milk. The fine powder gives me a creamy shake and I like it so much.

I used to eat snacks between meals and I had started to have a fatty tummy. When I was introduced to this product, I remained full for a long period of time. I have lost a few pounds and I will continue using it until I get my figure back. I recommend this product to those struggling with weight.

Final words

A good lifestyle involves healthy eating and regular exercise. Unhealthy eating leads to obesity which distorts your body shape and affects your health. This article has covered some details about Lady Boss Lean weight loss product which can replace your breakfast.

Lady Boss Lean is a perfect meal replacement shake since it is both nutritious and healthy. The product minimizes craving by keeping you full for a long period of time. This makes it perfect for people who are unable to exercise regularly due to time constraint.