Happy Thanksgiving – Happy Weeding

Storage for now

It has finally happened. We are severely reducing our nonfiction section in the library. Over the last two years we have probably weeded 7000 books. Most are given away, but we still have many that are now in a storage room with no hope of being adopted, and too old to consider donating somewhere. We continue searching for solutions. Here’s a sneak peak at our current solution, which really is NOT a solution at all. It’s just an unused storage room near the library, and actually was a part of the library at one time. I have easy access as my key opens this door. So this is where I’m storing weeded books.  I knew in May I would need boxes for the weeding, so I kept all the yearbook boxes. We are boxing as we get boxes now.

Our dominant research method features students using Ebsco and Gale, and Discovery Education. With the decision to heavily weed and reduce the nonfiction section of the library, we  have just recently invested in Ebsco’s Academic Ebook Collection, which will offer our students another digital resource for research. This will also offset our lack of physical nonfiction books. Don’t get me wrong, we will continue to have a nonfiction area. It will feature more current material, but we will probably never again have the size of a nonfiction section like we had again.



Current Weeded Books Project – Turkeys and such!

Untitled design









How to make these turkeys and similar projects? Check these links and videos out.

And some step-by-step directions here.

Happy Weeding and Happy Thanksgiving y’all.


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