Are you considering cremation or burial services for a loved one in the Boise, Idaho area?

Are you considering cremation or burial services for a loved one in the Boise, Idaho area?

Are you considering cremation or burial services for a loved one in the Boise, Idaho area? Bella Vida Funeral Home of Boise Idaho is rated one of the top funeral homes and cremation services in the state. And with their cremation services starting as low as $749, and burial packages as low $1395, their prices are hard to beat. Yet it’s the people and the quality of service that makes Bella Vida Funeral Home a top choice.

Bella Vida Funeral Home is directed by Mike Madson (licensed funeral director) and owned by Sean Moorehouse. Both are successful local businessmen with strong ties to the community and a relentless commitment to high quality service. They recently invested in a state-of-the-art cremation oven that’s super efficient and environmentally friendly. The high burning temperature and the “re-burn” process makes sure that nothing harmful is released into the air, and the cleanliness of the facility and funeral home is evidence of how they treat every step of the cremation process and funeral service.

Additional cremation services include pickup and delivery, urns, flowers, and memorial services, including embalming and viewings at the Bella Vida Funeral Home, gravesides, and local churches.

Burial services include transportation, embalming, viewings, memorial services, graveside services, caskets, flowers, and everything you need for a special funeral service of your choosing.

Tammie Cattallini is the most delightful host and manager of Bella Vida Funeral Home. She and the rest of the staff will ensure that everything goes smoothly down to the last detail. Bella Vida Funeral Home has a quality guarantee, and is very particular about training their staff to understand and meet the emotional and financial needs of their clients during these difficult decisions.

The Bella Vida Funeral Home is centrally located in Boise, Idaho down the street from the Boise Fairgrounds. Bella Vida Funeral Home serves Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Star, Kuna, and Nampa. Their address is 9661 W Chinden Blvd, Boise, ID 83714.

Bella Vida Funeral Home works closely with local cemeteries like Morris Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Cloverdale Cemetery, Fort Boise Military Cemetery, Dry Creek Cemetery, Idaho State Veterans Cemetery, Terrace Lawn Cemetery, Kuna Cemetery, Joplin Cemetery, and many others in the area. Contact them at 208-321-9661 for information about the local cemeteries.

Bella Vida Funeral Home also works with local businesses, emergency response groups, and institutions that care for the sick, accident victims, and the elderly. Whether you are with a local church, hospital, hospice care, emergency response team, geriatric ward, home nursing service, senior care center, or living assistance care, Bella Vida Funeral Home can help make funeral support services a smooth and easy transition for surviving family members. Call Bella Vida to discuss how they can help you and your clients or patients.

The Bella Vida Funeral website at provides all their prices and services, which is quite refreshing compared to many funeral home websites that hide their pricing and focus more on the upsell than meeting the financial and support needs of the surviving family members. You can browse the Bella Vida cremation packages, burial packages, urns, caskets, and flowers easily on their website. You can even shop for flowers and gifts and pay online. Their online obituary service provides biographies, pictures, comments, and social media sharing.

Bella Vida Funeral home offers caskets starting as low as $900. They offer a large selection of caskets, including metal, wood, and veneer. They also have a wide variety of urns starting as low as $90, and many other items to compliment your funeral or cremation service.

Funeral services are not something to look forward to, but with the service and staff of Bella Vida Funeral Home, not to mention the low prices, you will find the whole experience helpful and refreshing.

Compare Bella Vida Funeral Home to other local funeral homes in Boise Idaho like Summers Funeral Home, Cloverdale Funeral Home, Bowman Funeral Home, Alden-Waggoner Funeral Home, Aclesa Chapel, and others and see how they compare in price and service. I think you will find that Bella Vida Funeral Home is not only a top contender, but likely the top choice considering all the key factors: price, quality of service, and people.