Civil society organisation calls for greater community role in mining

“First.. ‚ there should be large-scale and meaningful deliberations with community members aimed at eliciting what should be in mining legislation.”

At these deliberations‚ communities should be able to nominate technical specialists to assist them in making proposals.

“Public meetings at all stages of the process should be held in places which enable the maximum number of community members to attend and need to be conducted in the predominant language/s spoken in communities.”

The centre also said some communities still reported mining companies for refusing requests to access SLPs.

The centre said although SLPs were public documents‚ greater legislative clarity was required to ensure there were no loopholes to justify a failure to make SLPs accessible to communities.

“First‚ the MPRDA should be amended to state unambiguously that the Social and Labour Plans and annual compliance reports are public documents in their entirety.”

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