Christo Wiese shoots down 'tax dodging' claims

“Now SARS is going after Wiese‚ the former ENS man and two others personally for R217-million‚ part of a R3.7-billion tax claim rooted in the Tullow restructure‚” said the report.

Speaking to Bruce Whitfield on radio station 702 on Thursday evening‚ the business tycoon said he was not involved in the oil company restructuring process.

“Essentially‚ if one reads the article‚ and might I say intelligently‚ it is complicated and it is also very clear that what happened is Tullow‚ having been a client or a tax client of ENS and their trust‚ underwent a restructuring … They were fully entitled to restructure in the most tax efficient manner‚” he said.

“Then after that restructuring‚ they approached me or Titan‚ knowing that we are in the market and said that as a consequence of the restructuring there was one company available that they wanted to sell which had a substantial assessed tax loss and also very substantial distributable reserves.”

Asked if he was part of a tax dodging conspiracy‚ he said: “It’s absolute rubbish. We have never been attacked by SARS because of that alleged collusion because we had nothing to do with the Tullow restructuring.

“Our fight with SARS concerns R217 million‚ in round numbers‚ and that fight is in the open‚ it’s in public documents‚ it’s in the High Court in Cape Town and it will be heard and adjudicated in the next month or two.

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