Why Chevy Volt Premier is High Tech Car

Why Chevy Volt Premier is High Tech Car

America has been for long the giant when it comes to manufacturing of automotive. Chevrolet Motor Car Company which was founded in 3/11/1911 in Detroit have shown their competence and now they are a powerful brand in the USA that deals with the manufacture of best high-tech cars. We shall a look at one of their most current cars known as Chevy Volt Premier.

Chevy Volt Premier

Chevrolet Volt was launched back in 2010 and ever since more advancements have been made to this car. Today, you will find Chevy Volt Premier driven by an electric motor such that you will not have to get worried when driving your car. It can move over 50miles electric range. With the key driver assist and installed in it, it’s the best high-tech car you can rely on if you are after a car that will not compromise performance and quality.

Performance of Chevy Volt Premier

One of the main reasons why many people are now turning to Chevy Volt Premier is its fuel economy and eco-friendliness. It’s able to accelerate swiftly when you are moving on the inclines and climbing lanes.  With its electric motor and hybrid/gasoline mode, you will never find any problem when you want to start this car. It can pick up your desired speed within a short period. Even when you have a problem with the winding road, its compliant suspension and tires will make it easy for you to move along.

The car provides 4 driving modes. The Mountain Mode helps to preserve your battery power whenever you are moving along the steep uphill roads. The Sport Mode ensures you move faster and reach your destination in time. Normal Mode is useful for everyday life. The Hold mode is also useful when you want to save the battery and use it when it’s efficient.

It’s capable of covering a range of 53 miles when the battery is full. But if you have to switch to the gas engine, then you will never lose for its 42 miles per gallon rating help to economize fuel consumption.


This car is designed with 1.5 liters gasoline engine and twin electric motors. This combination helps to produce 149 horsepower. It has a lithium-ion battery with 18.4kWh that is used to power the electric motors. You can charge the battery using the 120 Volt cord for 13 hours or use a 240 Volt charging system that can take 4.5hrs for the full battery charge.

It comes with 17 inches aluminum wheels, leather seating surface, wireless charging, heated front seat, automated parallel & perpendicular parking, Bose-premium audio system and rearview mirror. The inner side of this car is more upgrade than the prior models. There is a third seat included at the back enabling this car to hold 5 passengers.

Key Features

Key features

Touch-screen interface. This car has 8-inch Chevy MyLink interface to enable you to see through navigation maps, direction, speed, and several apps that can be used both for calling and messaging. It also displays your energy usage and charging settings.  It also contains Pandora which you can use to stream music. You can also use Apple Car pay to access other music streaming options.

When you buy this car, the company provide you with 5 years of OnStar’s basic plan. This includes dealer service alert, vehicle diagnostics and access to OnStar RemoteLink app. OnStar Remote Link app enables you to lock/unlock the car doors, flashing lights, staring engine, tracking your car on a map and checking statistics about your cars battery and charging information, tire-inflation pressure and fuel level. You will also get 3GB data that you can use to connect your phone to the internet using the cars inbuild WIFI.

What does it Cost?

To get a complete car with the most high tech features, you may wish to spend on some of the packages such as Driver Confidence package($495) that provides driver assist, Driver Confidence-2 package ($495) which also help to enhance your safety, $495 which also incorporate the navigation on the cars MyLink system. You will also need to spend $20 on the front plate bracket and a destination charge of $875. If you add this to the best price which is $38,445, the total cost will be $39,950.

Pros and Cons


  • It is designed with more safety and tech features
  • It’s easy to drive
  • It has a long electric range that other cars
  • Its electric motor provides an instant torque


  • There isn’t enough space ion the luggage area and rear seat
  • Low quality of material used in the interior
  • The battery takes a lot of time to charge
  • You can’t see the nose of this car hence it may be tough when you want to park

Customer Review

Best hightech car review websites indicate that this car scores more points when it comes to performance and safety features. It’s also very cheap when compared to other cars of similar tech features which makes it a good choice for several people. Most reviews indicate that it scores 4.7stars out 5stars.

The Bottom Line

Hoping that this best hightech car review has made you aware of some of Chevy Volt Premier features and that you can make an informed decision when you want to buy a new car. The warranty for this car assures you of its quality. It’s the best high-tech car we have been waiting for all those years, go for it, this is the time.

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