How Do I Change or Reset Yahoo Password?

Change or Reset Yahoo Password

Yahoo is a very famous online portal that provides various services to users. It was developed by Jerry Yang and David Filo and serving since 1994. Besides the web portal, Yahoo is into offering multiple services like news, finance, directory, sports, email, and navigation, etc. Yahoo helps users transfer data and it is supported by all the devices for their ease. But it only works under good internet connection and helps the user stay updated and connected. Yahoo email is the best of its all services and a frequently used one. On the other hand, users generally face issues like recover yahoo password or how to reset yahoo password. There are many other issues related to yahoo mail services that users wonder how to solve.

How Can We Recover/Reset Yahoo Password?

Yahoo email service is run by a huge number of users throughout the world. And so we are here to answer user’s queries. In case you want to reset your password because of any reason but unable to do so. Then you can follow the below steps.

Steps to reset change/reset Yahoo password-

  • Open Yahoo login window
  • Login to your Yahoo account with correct id and password
  • Now select Account Security under your profile
  • Change Password option will take you to the password recovery page
  • Type the current password and type the new password
  • Tap on SAVE to continue

Hope these points have answered you how to reset Yahoo password? And you have successfully fixed this issue performing the given steps. These easy steps to reset Yahoo password are a great help to a regular Yahoo email user. Now besides this, if you face any other issue like to recover Yahoo password or else. Well, password recovery is needed only either you have forgotten your password or your account is hacked. You can do password recovery by following the below easy steps.

Steps to recover Yahoo password-

  • Open Yahoo login page
  • Select “I don’t remember my password”
  • Now enter your Yahoo user-id
  • Pick password recovery options from the given options
  • Choose either alternative email, phone number or
  • Choose to answer security questions

No matter what you chose, you will get a verification code on the chosen option. You then have to enter that code in the text field on the password recovery page. Or you will get a recovery link to recover Yahoo password.

  • Create a new and strong password (easy to remember but hard to hack)

Hope these easy steps to reset yahoo password are a great help to you. And now you have successfully get back to your account after fixing recover yahoo password issue.

change Yahoo Account Password

How Can We Change Yahoo Password on Desktop?

The biggest issue with email service users is the password. Whether to reset, recover or change. As we know password keeps all the data secure in an account. Because what is more important than running an account is privacy and security. So do change your password from time to time to keep your account safe and strong. With this in mind that yahoo runs on all the devices whether it be android, iPhone, PC, etc. So, in that case, yahoo brought a solution for desktop users as well.

Steps for how to change yahoo password on desktop-

  • browse this on your desktop
  • Type correct yahoo id and password
  • After logging in press on the gear icon
  • Now, select Account Info from the Menu list
  • Tap on Account Security Section
  • Type the current password and then tap on Change password link
  • Create a new password, type it again to confirm
  • Press Continue

Final Words

Hope these steps answered your question on how to change yahoo password on desktop. Thus, yahoo password reset is easy after following the given methods. In case you find these methods difficult and unable to change yahoo password. Or you face any problem regarding Sbcglobal email support then also you can contact our support team.

In short, you can get in touch with the yahoo support team to get your issue solved. You can contact them 24/7 via call, text or mail explaining your issue. The team is run by profound techies to assist you with the best guidance.