Cape Town business welcomes reduction in water price hikes

The proposed increase for people using less than 6‚000 litres of water a month had been reduced from 55.16% to 10.1%‚ he said‚ and for the amount water consumed between 6‚000 and 10‚500 litres a month the proposed increase of 6.26% had been cut to 0%.

The stiffest proposed increase — for consumption of more than 35‚000 litres a month — is now 25%.

Proposed sanitation increases have also been cut‚ and the property rates rise to be levied from July 1 has been reduced from 7.2% to 6.5%.

Neilson said R5-billion had been shaved off the cost of the council’s five-year programme to secure new water supplies‚ and other items in the budget had been subjected to a fine-tooth comb.

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