Why It is Necessary to Include Calcium in Diet Shakes

Why It is Necessary to Include Calcium in Diet Shakes

The bones in our body contain an important mineral called calcium. To prevent the body from drawing the calcium supply from the bones for its daily requirements, it is necessary to include calcium in the diet. It is especially important to give children a calcium rich diet as it is an essential nutrient to build healthy bones and teeth, in their formative years. 

Calcium is in the best diet shakes for strengthening the skeletal system but it also plays an important role in various body functions and helps in the development of the body. The cardiovascular system in the body is benefited with the intake of calcium. It helps in blood circulation and in the maintenance of the muscles. Calcium is also utilized by the nervous system in the body. 

Professionals have insisted the necessity of calcium in the diet of children for building up their bone mass. This would prevent a disease like Scoliosis from occurring. 

Proper bone growth in children is important as it makes them resistant to fractures and osteoporosis in later life. According to medical studies, about 99% of calcium in a child is stored in the teeth and bones and about 1% in the blood. This small quantity in the blood controls a lot of the body functions. It helps the blood to clot, the muscles to contract, the nerves to function properly and it also helps in the absorption of other minerals. Hence it is very essential to replenish the calcium requirements through the diet or through supplements. 

Calcium should be in the best diet shakes. The need for calcium starts before birth and extends through the life time. Having calcium in your diet, while you’re trying to lose weight is a very good idea. Here are some issues that can arise if you don’t have good amounts of calcium in your diet.  


  • Fainting  
  • Heart failure 
  • Chest pains 
  • Numbness and tingling 
  • Muscle cramps 
  • Wheezing 
  • Difficulty following 
  • Irritability 
  • Fatigue 
  • Brittle nails 
  • Coarse hair 
  • Dry skin 

 Calcium and Weight Loss 

When it comes to weight loss calcium is most important in the realm of exercise. You see, when you exercise your muscles get things called “micro tears” which are exactly what they sound like: tears in your muscles, that are small. I know this sounds crazy but when these micro tears heal, it makes your muscles bigger. Calcium replenishes your muscles and helps them heal after a hefty work out. Making it easier to lose much needed weight. The best diet shakes should have a good source of calcium to support weight loss.  

Calcium does more for your body than just help your bones, though that is still important of course. The best diet shakes will have good doses of calcium for your body. Calcium is also proven to help maintain an optimal body weight.  

Helps with Blood Pressure 

If you struggle with high blood pressure, a good dose of calcium from the best diet shakes can aid in reducing it. When paired with a good diet, the best diet shakes can boost your body to fight things like blood pressure, and bloating. Unfortunately, it seems like every foot market has food that has a bunch of added sugar and added salt. It is widely known that both of those ingredients make things like high blood pressure worse. It’s always important to read labels when you are choosing your diet shake to make sure that they didn’t sneak those two ingredients in. The best diet shakes will never contain anything that will worsen your blood pressure, only help it.  

Final Thoughts 

When you don’t balance out your meals yourself, it can be difficult to lose weight. No one is perfect and even those who meticulously try to get every type of vitamin and mineral in their sit down meals struggle. The best diet shakes will help round out your nutrition by adding a healthy dose of calcium and other wonderful vitamins and minerals. It’s always best to note that even the best diet shakes aren’t magic pills, you need to always make sure you are having a healthy diet and a good exercise routine. This way, you can ensure your success in weight loss.