Best Spy Software for Android in 2020

Spy Software for Android in 2020

These days, Android cell phones are extremely popular. Almost everyone used Android devices to remain in contact with family, friends or colleagues and to know of the world. It is the best and easiest way of communication, but it also causes harm. Such as the coming days, a new app or any activity gets to appear and people get involved in it. It mostly affects the performance of children and employers.

So, spy apps have significantly reduced people’s worries by providing a solution to this problem. Android has a separate spy app that specifically runs on Android systems with its unique features. It enables the user to track their kids, employees, the spouse, or a loved one’s devices to protect them from harm. Out of many spy software, TheOneSpy has outstanding features Android phone software. In this article, we will explain the quality of this Spy app for android mobile

The One Spy Android Software

This cell phone spy software works with many Android phones. It is popular among people because Android phones are used in the routine. Whether it’s a business, home or anywhere almost every second person has an Android device. This TOS software allows a user to track all activities of a targeted person in real-time. User can monitor all verbal and nonverbal communications of a targeted person. If a targeted person is indulging in any inappropriate activity, the user can protect them before the situation becomes serious.

Besides that, people prefer Android software because TOS gives value to its customers.

  • It gives 14 days money-back guarantee on all Android packages and plans.
  • It enables a user to track in both mode; online and offline.
  • User can put mighty alarms on them.
  • It provides tracking information in real-time.
  • It also offers discounts frequently.
  • TOS Android software provides 24/7 customer support services.
  • It has an expert technician to help people if they face any technical problems.

Let’s look at TOS Android software advance features and their functions.

Features of The One Spy

It has over 250 outstanding features, which gives you the liberty to track any activity on the targeted device. It’s every single feature gives multiple solutions. Here we will discuss some advanced Android spy features and their functions.

  • 360 live streaming

It performs two functions;

  • Live 360 camera streaming: It enables the user to watch the surrounding of the target device by controlling both front and back camera.
  • Live 360 surrounding listeners: It enables the user to listen to surrounding conversations of the targeted person.
  • Geo-Fencing

It allows the user to put alerts on restricted areas.

  • Social media monitoring

It allows a user to track activities of all social accounts like Snapchat, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, line and many more.

  • Call Logs

If allows a user to perform multiple tasks like;

  • to get call history
  • record all phone calls
  • restrict unknown calls; and
  • To track VOIP call history
  • Surrounding recorder

It enables the user to bug on surrounding with a video camera, mic and snap bug.

  • Message tracker

A message tracker empowers the user to track all incoming and outgoing messages.

  • Password chaser

It enables the user to get Pin code, pattern lock and all accounts passwords.

Best Spy Software for Android in 2020

How Does TOS Android Software Facilitate People?

  • TOS gives digital parental control to parents over kid’s devices, so parents could track where their kids are going, to whom they are talking and which kind of conversation they are doing. If kids get involved in watching harmful content or bullying anyone, or if someone is threatening them, parents can prevent them from dangerous things.
  • Beside that TOS also provides special featured Android app for businesses, to control their employee’s productivity by tracking their every single activity. An employer can check if an employee is cheating with their job or wasting working hours in useless activities. So, if an employee is doing any harmful activity, so an employer can control.
  • An individual can also enjoy TOS android software. Like if your device gets lost or gets damaged, you can log in your cloud account from any Android mobile and can get back your all data.


We concluded that TheOneSpy Android Spy software can put your worries away by providing real-time information with multiple features. In the coming years, this spy software for Android will serve users more conveniently with innovative features.