About Us

Aim Corporate

Hi! I’m Eileen Matthew! Welcome to my blog, stick around and be ready to be wowed!

My Story

Everything changed for me at the end of 2015, when I suffered a horrific burnout. I was living like most entrepreneurs, working 14-hour days, six days a week, spending very little time with my family and working ‘in’ my business, instead of ‘on’ it way too much. Sure, I loved my business and the focus of building it, but I was tired. In every possible way.

Going into 2016, I put a 1-year goal in place – to become a Virtual CEO. I started a blog called Aim Corporate to chart the journey. I was going to replace myself in my business as much as possible by the end of the year. By late October 2016, I achieved the goal. Not only that, but I launched another business in the middle of that year, Virtual employees Finder, as a result of simply listening to my online audience.

I now work an average of 6-hours a day, my workweek no longer includes Friday and I get to spend lots of time with my wife and three awesome children.

My aim

This blog will aim to provide you all the information you need to successfully lead your businesses. I will share my tips and tactics on how you should handle stressful business related situations. I hope you can find the solutions to all your business problems in my blog.

Importance of business knowledge

Understanding the business is one of the important qualities of a business analyst. You should know the essential background and foundation of the business you are working with. Having domain knowledge is advancement in the understanding in the field the organization is working. I don’t believe that BAs should be domain experts but if they have an overview of the domain, it can always be helpful in taking critical business decisions. So we can say in talking with business experts the communication skills are not the only requirement, you should also have domain knowledge in order to explain the business terms. You being finance expert would not be able to take decisions in telecom domain but that doesn’t mean you can’t understand the profit-loss definition. Business domain knowledge enables an analyst to be more efficient. While an analyst that is gifted with analysis skills and techniques might be able to do an adequate job without deep business domain knowledge, it’s reasonable to think that an analyst that does have a strong sense of business context should be able to more quickly determine the right questions to ask, and the right approach for handling business challenges.