AASL’s Social Media Superstars! Give Kudo’s through 4/14

Over the next week, through April 14, AASL is seeking “endorsements” of the finalists named AASL Social Media Superstars. There are SEVERAL names SCASL friends should recognize, as they have been prominently featured at SCASL Conferences (even as recent as this conference.) Consider visiting that link, and clicking on the area that contains a name you recognize, and leave a ringing endorsement.  Yes, that’s right, YOU can help select the AASL Social Media Superstar by leaving a comment to endorse your choice for winner.

Below is an edited reposting (with permission) of my dear friend Jane Lofton‘s original post.  I too serve on this unique committee and am excited to participate in the naming of Social Media Superstars.  The decision is not ours (the committee) alone to make, and we are affording the social public an opportunity to help with endorsements and more in the final selection process.  Do take advantage of this! And thanks Jane, for allowing me to use your original post!


AASL’s Social Media Superstars!

Over the last several months, I have had the privilege of serving as Chair of AASL’s Task Force to establish new “Social Media Superstars” recognitions. And, yesterday, our task force had the excitement of announcing the inaugural group of superstar finalists. We developed seven different categories for the recognitions (in no particular order), and there are three finalists in each category:

  • Sensational Student Voice
  • Advocacy Ambassador
  • Tech Troubadour
  • Program Pioneer
  • Curriculum Champion
  • Leadership Luminary
  • Social Justice Defender

We shared the details about what each category represents on the AASL website. Here are the descriptions and the finalists for each category:


In every case, the finalists are, of course, exemplary in what they do in their teaching and programs, but they take it a step further by generously amplifying their ideas and messages using social media to model practice and reach more of their peers. I’m not linking to the individual categories, here, only because I REALLY want you to go to through the overall posting, then link to each category from there, to read all the wonderful things about each finalist.


Why is this new superstars program important? In my mind, anyway, I love that the AASL Board chose to create a new recognition for our members, appreciating the value of social media to amplify our voices for advocacy, leadership, and social justice; exchange of great program, curriculum, and technology integration ideas; and empower our students’ voices. And, equally important, I believe, is the opportunity this gives all of us – librarians, other educators, and education and library supporters, alike – to learn about 21 amazing people (7 categories x 3) you may not yet be following and add them to your Personal Learning Network for new inspiration and networking.


Then, once you explore all seven categories, please add endorsements for your favorites. The task force will consider all the endorsements as part of the selection of the seven top superstars. Please add your endorsements by April 14, then stand by for a webinar announcing the winners on Thursday, April 27, at 6pm Central Time.


And, finally, share this information far and wide so that more people in the school library and education community can benefit from learning about and following the 21 AASL Social Media Superstar finalists.


I’d like to thank the task force members, all of whom worked very hard on this and are definitely also great people to follow on social media!: Marifran DeMaine (@abookforfrances), Liz Dodds (@lizdodds), Elissa Malespina (@elissamalespina), and Cathy Jo Nelson (@cathyjo). Many thanks, too, to our amazing staff liaison, Jennifer Habley, and our Board liaison, Pam Harland @pamlibrarian).


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