A Comprehensive Review of TruVision Health Supplements

A Comprehensive Review of TruVision Health Supplements

In the interest of finding the best quality health products in the market, below is a review of TruVision Health. Despite its prominence, there were a few prominent consumer complaints on various side effects associated with its use, therefore making it necessary to conduct a proper assessment of this supplement. While also keeping in mind the misinformation about the product as is in the market, this comprehensive review strives to address all relevant elements in a profound, unbiased, and conclusive manner. 

What is TruVision Health? 

TruVision Company produces multiple products including TruEssentials, TruNecessity, as well as TruHealth. And while it was earlier noted that there are various complaints about their products, this review, however, identifies that those complaints are not about the adverse side effects whatsoever. The various customer reviews center on the list of ingredients which forms part of the basis of this review.  

The prominent highlight in various TruVision reviews is surprisingly not about the potential side effects of the product, but instead on the lack of visible results after use. Before discussing the distinct technology behind its creation, this review first outlines some other vital details about this product. 

TruVision made its debut as a weight loss product back in 2014. It has since been available on its official manufacturer website, as well as distributors and stores as a dietary supplement. The recommended dosage for any TruVision supplement is a maximum of two capsules per day. 

Ingredient List: 

TruVision contains several natural ingredients which include: 

  • Green Tea Extract 
  • Dendrobium 
  • Caffeine 
  • Bitter Orange 
  • Minerals 
  • Vitamins 

Side effects 

Some dietary supplements have side effects, and TruVision is no exception. Among the most common side effects of this product is shakiness or a jittery feeling for patients with low caffeine tolerance. Nonetheless, when such occurs, you are advised to go slow on your dosage levels. 

Fortunately, the mentioned side effects are not much of great concern since caffeine intolerance only affects a small minority. Moreover, with extended use, the symptoms eventually decrease. 

It is important to note that these side effects are not common to all users. In fact, some patients even confirmed the disappearance of their stomach problems after using the product. 

Is TruVision legit or a scam? 

Before prescribing to any product, it is critical to identify whether it is a legit product or a scam. For years now, several firms have been found guilty of producing unauthentic products, hence the need to exercise caution. 

In April 2015, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) sought to identify all the companies which were producing products containing DMBA and 4-amino-2-methyl pentane citrate. TruVision was, unfortunately, one of them. 

At the time, the FDA was against the use of supplements containing DMBA without a permit. As a result, any firm in the market which produced supplements containing such without a permit was forced to withdraw such products from the market. In compliance with this directive, the company withdrew both TruEnergy and TruWeight awaiting the FDA to address the issue. 

This, however, does not identify TruVision as a scammer because the use of the said ingredients was not illegal. Furthermore, once the decree to eradicate the products in questions was affected, the company swiftly complied. 

Is there any scientific proof to back the claims? 

In their official website, TruVision Health claims that their products work to promote weight loss. However, The Company has not outlined any proof or clinical studies to support these claims. Despite this, some scientific studies prove that some of the individual ingredients that make up this product are indeed effective in helping promote weight loss. Some of these ingredients include caffeine extracts, green tea, as well as some raspberry ketones (also contained in the product). 

On this note, it is therefore crucial for TruVision to outline scientific evidence to back its distinct claims. 

Customer Reviews: 

The internet has numerous customer reviews on how useful TruVision products are. Many individuals have praised the product for its effectiveness in helping them achieve their weight loss goals. In fact, some have even indicated experiencing some additional benefits after using the product including improved mood and feeling healthier. 

Nonetheless, considering that our bodies are different and each has a varied response to substances, it is also not surprising that there are a few negative comments about the product. Some users claim they did not see any noticeable results even after using the product for a month. What they, however, fail to disclose, is whether they made any relevant lifestyle changes while using it.  

Final Verdict: 

Having assessed various aspects of the TruVision products including the ingredients, historical information, as well as personal views, it is safe to say that TruVision has served its purpose by helping numerous individuals regain a perfectly healthy life.  By using ingredients scientifically known to promote weight loss, TruVision has assisted various individuals with weight loss and digestive concerns. Undoubtedly, TruVision is a product worth trying out.